DIY Halloween Costume Ideas | Cheap + Unique

Hello, as you may know, halloween is just around the corner!

I personally love to dedicate my time to find a great and unique costume… Who doesn’t love getting dressed differently for a day? And go to parties?

That’s why in this post you’ll find some ideas of Halloween costumes you can make for a low price and at your own house! I hope you like them.

1.- Mummy

I know this is a “common” one but you can make it sexy too!

What you’ll need–> White dress / croptop / skirt / short, & bandage.

Just cover all your clothes and arms with the bandage, you can make a choker and hair accesories too! Once you are covered, use a black or brown shadow to dirty your skin a little ( for a more realistic look) and don’t forget to have an incredible makeup and wear highheels!


2.- Mermaid

If you look at the picture it may seem a little bit difficult but the truth is a very easy costume to do! And i think it looks very cute!

What you’ll need–> A strapless bikini top ( any color ) and a long skirt ( you can also find a glitter fabric and make your own)

For a more stylish look you can add hair accesories or necklaces!


For the makeup–> Add sequins to a part of your face to give your face a scaly look.


3.- Barbie

I think every girl at least once in her life has wished to be a Barbie. Keep reading if you want to find out how to make this fashion costume.

What you’ll  need–> White croptop, pink sequins skirt and pink sequins.

Put your pink sequins on the croptop forming the word “Barbie”, you can paste them with fabric glue. And you’re  done! You can also add a choker and a headband for a more glamorous look.

Remember the makeup is very important. You can find tutorials on youtube so you look exactly like a Barbie!


4.- Gypsy

It’s all about the makeup! In this costume, you can wear whatever you want, as long as it’s flowy and bohemian. Make sure you copy this incredible look (image) and you’ll slay!!


5- Pilot

I think this is the easiest costume ever! And it looks very sexy!

What you’ll need–> Black skirt, sunglasses, a white cropped shirt and a pilot cap.

You can also use socks and highheels.


6.- Sudoku

This one is really creative and unique! You just need white plaid clothes and some numbers to put on!


7.- Clueless

This is one of my favorites: classy and pretty. You just need a plaid skirt, any color you want, a white shirt and a sweater or blazer to put on (it can be a solid color). Remember to use white socks and highheels.

And that’s it!


And those were my recommendations of costumes for Halloween 2017. I hope you like them and I’ll be posting more ideas soon!

Have a great day.

Mich, xx


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